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Vitamin D and Sun

What about Vitamin D?

  • Many people ask the question ‘If I use sun protection creams will I still get enough vitamin D’?

What is Vitamin D?

  • Most of our Vitamin D is made in our skin on exposure to sunlight. About 90% of Vitamin D comes from sun exposure and the rest come from what we eat.

The importance of Vitamin

  • Lack of vitamin D can lead to weakening and softening of the bones. In children it can lead to rickets.
    • With the present knowledge about biology, the only known benefit from UV light on the skin is Vitamin D. it is best to ingest Vitamin D orally and minimise sun exposure for the sole purpose of tanning.
    • You can never totally avoid the sun (unless you are Nicole Kidman who walks around with an umbrella everywhere).  You can enjoy activities in the sun; just protect yourself with a good spf.
    • Clothing remains the best protection.

So can you stay safe in the sun and still get enough Vitamin D?

  • A recent study has shown that you can make Vitamin D whilst you are wearing sunscreen.
  • The study carried out by Dr Antony Young at the st Johns Institute of Dermatology in Kings College London:
  • In this study, the participant had an increased level of Vitamin D despite the use of sunscreens. So the use of sunscreens still allows the body to produce significant amounts of vitamin D from sunlight exposure.
  • No sunscreen offers 100% protection. Sunscreens filter out UVB light.
  • The skin around the face and eyes is thinner than other areas of the body therefore it should be protected. Also this small area does not contribute much to Vitamin D production. It is therefore very important to protect the face area as it is at a higher risk of photo damage and ageing.

Foods rich in Vitamin D

  • Increase your dietary Vitamin D. Fish oil and fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel contains the highest amounts of naturally occurring Vitamin D.
  • Eggs are another food that contains Vitamin D in small amounts. Eating one egg daily will provide you with 10% of your recommended daily needs.
  • You can also get Vitamin D by taking supplements. Your body get the most of the vitamins and minerals it needs from the foods that you eat. However, there are only a few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D, so it’s almost impossible to get what your body needs from just food.  So taking a supplement is an effective way to get the Vitamin D your body needs.

Skin colour and Vitamin D

  • The paler your skin the more it will produce Vitamin D.
  • The darker your skin the more melanin you have. Melanin protects against skin damage from too much UVB exposure. With less UVB penetrating the skin the less Vitamin D is produced each minute.


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